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Geomax Zone80 DG Fully-Automatic Dual Grade Laser

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Geomax Zone80 DG Fully-Automatic Dual Grade Laser

The powerful GeoMax Zone laser rotators portfolio offers the right construction tools for all trades and applications. Regardless if you’re just starting in the industry dealing with the fundamentals or you’re a seasoned professional handling complicated applications, GeoMax laser rotators are ready to work when you do.

Choose the perfect laser for your levelling, aligning or grading application from one of the best laser rotator portfolios in the market.

Solid-built and dependable in any element, these lasers ensure long-lasting operations thanks to multiple charging options and offer interchangeable accessories.

The Zone80 DG is the laser rotator of choice when it comes to land levelling tasks – not only in construction but also agriculture. It is key for long distance applications as well as machine guidance, as it runs on different head speeds, including 20rps (rotation per second). Zone80 DG provides this rotation speed allowing a faultless read out of values by the receiver that is mounted on the machine.

Beam catch and lock

Using the ZRD105B receiver one can tilt the laser beam to the desired slope thanks to its beam catch functionality. With the beam lock feature your laser is monitored and will alarm you as soon as it has been moved.
Fully automatic in both axis

The laser rotator works fully automatic and enables you to complete your grading tasks easily and accurately. For optimal land use, Zone80 DG provides references for the horizontal planes as well for slopes in both axis up to 15 %.

Color Red
Wavelength 635 nm
Classification Class 1
Direction Horizontal/Vertical
Visibility Visible

Exterior Up to 3,000 ft. (900 m)
Self Leveling ±5° (horizontal)
Remote Optional (ZRC60 remote control)

Battery Life with Rechargeable Battery Pack Up to 50 hours
Battery Life with Alkaline Batteries N/A
Power Source Li-ion battery pack
Battery Life Alert Yes

Automatic Shut-Off N/A
Display Graphic LCD
Drop Damage Protection N/A
Bump Sensor (H.I./Out of Position Alert) Yes
Protection Class IP67
Tripod Adapter (Center Screw Thread) 5/8-11
Removable Laser Cage (for exact beam spotting) N/A
Detecting Indicator N/A
Dual Handles N/A
Built-in Bubble Vial N/A
Adjustable Rotating Speed 300, 600, and 1,200 rpm
One-Touch Commands N/A
Wall Mount Bracket N/A
Plumb Point N/A

Maximum Power Output N/A
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Warranty 5-year manufacturer’s warranty
Remote Control Operating Distance Up to 1,000 ft. (300 m)

Extra Technology
Remote Control Optional (ZRC60 remote control)
Detector/Receiver Optional (ZRD105 Digital, ZRD105B Beam-Catching Digital, or ZRP105 Pro Receiver
Smart Scan® N/A
Smart Slope® Fully automatic

Horizontal ±1/16 inch at 100 feet
Vertical ±1/16 inch at 100 feet

Storage -40°C to 70°C
Operating -20°C to 50°C

Input N/A
Output N/A
Charging Time N/A

Slope Match Yes
Grade Operation Yes
Automatic Leveling Yes
Beam Operating Modes Yes
Scanning Modes Yes

Checking/Setting Elevations Yes
Transferring Points from Floor to Ceiling N/A
Machine Control of Excavators, Graders, Dozers or Similar Equipment N/A
Installation of Interior Fittings (cabinets, lighting, windows, countertops, etc.) Yes
Short-Range Leveling for Decks, Patios & Swimming Pools Yes
Installation/Leveling Interior Walls Yes
Installation/Leveling Ceiling Grids N/A
Squaring and Layout of Partitions, Walls & Tile Floors Yes
Concrete Forms, Footings and Foundations Yes
Plumb Reference N/A
Checking Elevations of Sub-Base and Sub-Grade N/A
Short-Run Vertical Alignment Yes
Checking Building Square & Area N/A
Estimating Cut & Fill N/A
Matching Existing Slope & Grade Yes
Locating Finished Floor Levels N/A

Type Dual
Percentage Up to ±15%
Accuracy N/A

in the Box

Geomax Zone80 DG Fully-Automatic Dual Grade Laser
Li-Ion Battery Pack
Charger Plug US
5-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Available Package Options

Remote Control & Receiver:

Without Receiver & Remote Control
With ZRD105 Digital Receiver & Remote Control
With ZRD105B Beam-Catching Digital Receiver & Remote Control
With ZRP105 Pro Receiver & Remote Control

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